An Attractive Franchise Opportunity

Lettuce Meat is a unique and innovative quick service restaurant concept that specializes in delicious potato bun sliders, mouthwatering hotdogs and a variety of fries.

The success of Lettuce Meat is due to many factors including hygiene, authenticity, consistency and modernity in quality and service.
We are specialized in serving you with the best potato bun sliders, delicious burgers, mouth watering hot dogs, as well as a variety of appetizers, fries and wraps.
Lettuce Meat targets food conscious customers who are looking for the taste, sanitary preparation, quality and value of their meal.

Lettuce Meat’s objective is to expand nationally and globally, while preserving its originality and quality, and to achieve optimal return on investment and value growth in the industry.

In addition to being strongly aligned with regional and global trends in the food industry, Lettuce Meat enjoys core strengths that make it especially attractive for potential franchisees. As a quick summary, those core strengths are the following:

1. Exceptionally strong knowledge transfer and franchise support system (documentation, operating manuals, standards and procedures, training documents and videos, best practices, physical and remote franchisor support)

2. Adaptability to global tastes and preferences

3. Robust and dynamic branding, marketing, and online social media campaign

4. Strongly aligned with global food industry trends and demand

5. Highly profitable and financially attractive business model (modest initial investment with potential for high return potential,)

6. Low dependence on Franchisor for raw ingredients

7. Dedicated, fast-moving franchisor support team

8. Monitorable from long distance

9. General Food and Beverage skill set requirements for executives and store employees


In order to maintain its strong brand and reputation for quality,, Lettuce Meat carefully evaluates its potential franchising partners. While there is no set criteria, and franchisees can come from a wide array of professional backgrounds, they must all exhibit a strong commitment and desire to succeed. Experience in the food and beverage industry is essential, along with the following:

• Strong people skills, including business, management and customer service skills.

• High personal standards: excellence, honesty and integrity.

• Ability to work within a system.

• Stability and maturity.

• Financial and commercial capacity to make their franchise a success.

The franchisee is not required to participate in the day-to-day operations on full time basis as long as a senior manager is appointed.

Based on the level of support Lettuce Meat intends to provide to its franchisees, the Franchise Fee for a Startup Franchise (Individual) is USD 25,000, while for an area development agreement with a minimum of five committed stores, the Franchise Fee is 100,000USD.

The continuing services, or “royalty fee,” is 3% of the franchise’s gross sales to be paid monthly. This fee entitles the franchisee to use the Lettuce Meat service mark, use of distinctive system, marketing assistance, ongoing business development and counseling, and other benefits that come with being a Lettuce Meat franchisee.